Holding Hope Counselling Service

Helping you find a way forward


Moving forward is often about stepping back. Stepping back far enough to see clearly and understand what's going on without feeling judged or labelled.

Holding Hope Counselling Service is about helping you do exactly that.

Yes I'm trained (see below) and continually engage in professional development and supervision. But I'm all about helping you become the expert on yourself.

As a Mental Health Social Worker, it's also possible to see me under a Mental Health Plan with a referral from your GP. 

Jacqueline de Keizer
Accredited Mental Health Social Worker
Medicare Provider Number:
Windsor: 5702352L
Bella Vista: 5702351B

Bachelor of Social Work
Graduate Diploma in Relationship Counselling
Advanced Diploma of Counselling
Grad.Cert. of EFT (IEFT)

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can" Arthur Ashe

Sometimes we get stuck. Life can be messy or very difficult. While we long for something different, we have no idea how to move forwards to a better place or way of being. The difficulty is that it often requires change or growth which we think we're not capable of or feel restrained from.

What we do

But what if we were given a picture of what it might look like to move or grow or change? What if we were given the tools or the permission or the courage to manage life in a way that made it possible? At Holding Hope you won't be tested or diagnosed or labelled. Rather, we'll help you take that step back, look at where you are, where you'd like to be, and how you might get there.


Windsor Location

  • 279 George St, Windsor, NSW, Australia

Norwest Location

  • Suite 414, 14 Lexington Ave, Bella Vista